The Vanguard has been described as genre-busting. I like this. I like it so much I have the quote on the back of my paperbacks and in promotional copy. The only downside that I can see is that when people say “Oh, what do you write?” (and I’ve shuffled and mumbled enough to appear modest and self-effacing to a fault) I say “Oh, um, science fiction, fantasy, er, well, no science fantasy, um, fiction. Fantasy science.” This is, of course, the equivalent to saying “Don’t read my book, it was written by an idiot!” I think that it’s science fiction because in my head when I think of fantasy a dragon pops up. There are no dragons in The Vanguard Trilogy. This is a terrible oversight, I know. Having said all that, if Margaret Attwood were even vaguely interested in what I was up to she would probably say that the Vanguard was speculative fiction and not science fiction. But you can’t select speculative fiction as a category on Amazon.  Besides, she is above such things and I am on my very tiptoes trying to reach even the bottom rung of the ladder, so science fiction it is.

This ought to be a spoiler free zone, which is going to make it almost impossible to talk in any detail about anything past chapter three of The Vanguard. Our narrator is Sorcha Blades. When we first meet her she’s a bike courier, living in a squat with her four best friends – her family – ducking and diving to stay one step, or maybe two, ahead of the authorities. The city they live in is caught between an environmental nightmare and an economic apocalypse. It’s a sclerotic dystopia unable to function even enough to collapse. Then stuff happens, a lot of stuff. The Vanguard’s adventures involve super powers, time travel, celestial beings, cities of machines, crashed space ships, crime syndicates and celebrity. And that’s without the spoilers.

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Please note The Vanguard ebook is free everywhere except on Amazon because they would rather I was rich than read.

Sweet of them but I must confess I do feel differently, so if you want to download some software and read it on your Kindle for free please do. On the subject of being a bad capitalist; bootlegged copies of the all the books in the trilogy are also available on the internet. If you can find one you can have it and give it to all your friends with my blessing. Maybe not for birthdays though, buy them something nice. Or make them something yourself. No, you’re right – just buy them something.