I am a writer. Ah, writing that made me do a little nervous laugh. But I have written three books and I am writing more. So, I guess I am a writer. Or, rather a novelist. I’m not particularly interested in writing anything else which may go some way to explaining why my blog posting tends towards the erratic.

I live in London, and therefore have now fulfilled two childhood ambitions. I think that’s pretty good going but it would not do to get complacent.

What else? This is hard and weird. Much more difficult than interviews which are just a very basic exercise in answering questions on an easy subject: yourself. Actually, let’s leave it up to you, gentle reader. You can read some interviews with Smashwords and The Book Bag.

Speaking of Amazon, here is a link to my author page which his resplendent with photograph of me looking slightly mysterious. Or constipated. One of the two.

…The blog

I don’t like the word ‘blog’. Still, there are some amazing benefits to using the accepted terminology so that’s what I’ll do. I promise to post at least once and no more than twice a week. I promise not to post anything much longer than 800 words. That’s plenty long enough I think, you are busy people and I pretend to be. The posts will cover writing, publishing, questions I am asked and themes in the trilogy or in my new book.

I will not tell you want I had for breakfast. Neither will I write any scenes in books which include breakfast so that I may tell you what I had for breakfast. Actually, there are many breakfasts featured in all three books of the Vanguard Trilogy. It is the most important meal of the day and these particular breakfasts are all very important in terms of both plot and character development though. At least they seemed to be at the time. But still, no posting about what I had for breakfast. OK, it was Frosties. They turn the milk a neon-ish yellow colour. Have you ever noticed that? Odd.

There are a just couple of things to know, housekeeping-wise. If you are commenting for the first time you will be pre moderated, thence forth you may comment to your heart’s content and there will be no rules only whims. I sometimes like to reply to spambots because it amuses me. I don’t know why, I’m just very nice to machines. Read The Replacement and it will become clear. I can’t imagine there will be trolls, as I understand this unpleasant modern phenomenon – they don’t read books.  Phew!