I have finished my book.

by SJ Griffin

There. I could just leave you with that title, as it is the main point of this post but as this is my first post of 2016 let’s struggle on together. Yes?

So, I have finished my book. It’s always a lovely feeling for about 6.45 seconds and then I feel bereft. I also feel like a Not-Writer which is the worst feeling ever – and I say that as someone that has broken their knee cap. Anyway, I have managed to muddle through that awkward phase and now find myself about to do one of two things:

  1. Embark on a marvellous adventure, or
  2. Repeatedly bang my head against not only a brick wall but a brick wall covered in spikes. And lava. While listening to the last three Bond themes on repeat.

They are one thing really. This: I must find an agent. I say must because I have convinced myself that this is only true course of action for our reasonably young hero (that’s me, by the way) and one which must be pursued until either I or every single literary agent in the world is dead.

This is not me turning my back on the independent/ self publishing community, no. This is not me waving a big banner saying that traditional publishing is much better and that’s what we should all do, no no. I just feel that I would benefit from working with some people who know better than me about things like the publishing industry, and also grammar*. So, this is me admitting that I don’t know everything and perhaps a little support and advice would be a good thing. I have much to learn.

I’m imagining that this is going to be a very long, painful process. I expect there will be much rejection. I bet I throw a few tantrums and lose my temper. But aong the way I hope that I meet some decent people who are genuinely interested in writing and writers.

And I really, really hope – mostly for your sake, gentle reader – that it provides some good blogging material and I can write some useful posts here that are not only wondrously entertaining (ha!) but informative and supportive reads for anyone else who also wants to have their dreams crushed into a grey mush of disappointment.

At least I have a postive attitude.

Onward comrades!


*I spelt this wrong the first time. You see my problem.