Happy Halloween

by SJ Griffin

I am minded to believe that Halloween is the Justin Bieber to the Day of the Dead‘s Jimi Hendrix, but let’s persevere with the theme of this post. We can always pretend I am Mexican. I have a regular Mexican reader so I practically am.


Here are some scary links to follow and poop your pants at.

View from Overlook (vimeo)

This is a realy good documentary about one of my favourite films ‘The Shining’. I don’t like horror films. At all. The poster for Hellraiser traumatised me as a child and since then I have stayed well away from the horror genre. I briefly did a film course, however, and we studied The Shining. In fact I wrote an essay on it and Todorov’s Theory of the Fantastic. That’s a great theory. It’s a great film. The essay? Nevermind that. The Shining also pops up in The Replacement, the second part of the Vanguard trilogy, which if you haven’t read…well, I guess you haven’t read.

Todd Haynes’ Karen Carpenter biopic (youtube)

Karen Carpenter was scary. I can’t watch her. Why make Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft the song for World Contact Day? No wonder nobody contacted us. Also, that whole siblings thing is terrifying to me. I’m sure it’s all weird. This film, which was made in 1987, also features Barbie (she’s horrifying) and Ken. Ken? I can’t even. This film is the Jimi to the Excorcist’s Justin.

This man is in charge of all our money (youtube)

This is for UK readers only. Otherwise, I say this to you: you have had a lucky escape and please can you lend me your local equivalent of twenty quid?

I am now off to paint my face and frightened trick or treaters. I’m also tempted to dye the dog green. Abientot.