Not the death of Wolverine and a difficult birth

by SJ Griffin

I was going to write about how Marvel are going to kill Wolverine and he’s going to stay dead this time. I was going to say that this is all well and good but as comics aren’t chronological (for example, we’re currently back with Batman in 1966 and Spiderman from 2099 is running around in 2014) it doesn’t really mean very much. But as my last two posts were on comics I will resist. It doesn’t though. Mean anything, I mean.

So. Writing, mostly – yes?

I’ve just started my still untitled new book. I say “just”. I started it at the end of July. It’s taken me that long to get as far as halfway through chapter four. I am in a little bit of a panic about it because I’d written two thirds of The Perfectionist in that time.

What’s the problem then?

This this it is this:

I write in the first person. I like it. I did a Masters from Central School of Speech and Drama so I tend towards that kind of characterization. I’m method. I have written, at a rough guess, 360,000 words in the voice of one Sorcha Blades. A woman who has never lived in a village outside a small town in the Midlands in 1987, aged 12. It’s been surprisingly difficult to get her out of my ears and get this new character in. I don’t know why I am surprised, Sorcha has been in there for three years, probably longer while I thought her up. And this new kid has only been around since July. Poor kid.

Maybe it’s not a problem. Maybe I am learning. Maybe I don’t know everything after all.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening with the writing, mostly. Its’ a good job dead doesn’t mean dead, eh? Or this new book will never get a title.