Vanguard: the game

by SJ Griffin

When I was a kid I really loved those choose your own adventure games. ‘To punch the goblin in the face and steal his amulet, turn to page 13’ or ‘To ask the goblin nicely if you may purchase his amulet, turn to page 57.’ And the amazing battles where your very survival rested on the throw of a seven. Wondrous and infuriating.

So, I made one for The Vanguard.

I know, right?

It’s based on the first few chapters of The Vanguard, so you play a bike messenger. You’ve just started at Packet and can take a job with Sorcha and Casino (and Roach) delivering an important package for Imagination Industries. There are numerous ways to die and many opportunites to meet characters from the books, like Haggia and Prophet.

It was created in Twine, which is an open source tool for telling story that don’t go in a straight line, like books MUST, and you don’t need o know any code to do it.  It’s a really interesting way to think about how stories are constructed. Writing a novel is all about making decisions, but with interactive fiction you don’t have to make any, or at least make them in a very different way. You can have four options and explore them all. What would happen if you did this? Or this? You can try them out. It’s fascinating. And Twine makes it easy to keep track of things. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The game is hosted in a few places but the easy way to play it is to go to

And you can play even it on public transport as the invention of the internet has negated the need for rolling dice. I knew there was a reason for the world wide web.

If you play it, and it’s free so you’d be a fool not to, I hope you enjoy it. It was great fun to write so it would be fantastic if it was as much fun to play.