Parts two and three, now with added recaps

by SJ Griffin

I have reissued the ebook (all good online bookshops) and kindle (Amazon) versions of The Replacement and The Perfectionist. They now include ‘the story so far’ introductions. I made a decision to not fill the second and third parts of the trilogy with lots of back story and exposition, and just crack on with the story at hand. I hope I also did this with the first part and only waffled on about the early years where necessary. I was all very confident at the time that this was the best thing to do but this has all been undermined. By Apple.

Apple check all their submission manually, apparently. At first I couldn’t fathom how this could be possible, they must employ an entire legion of checkers, but I guess it is because the blurb for The Replacement was rejected because it mentioned The Vanguard. As in this is the sequel to The Vanguard. As in if you are reading this I hope you have read The Vanguard. So they rejected the book.

So, I had to change it as I wanted the book on iBooks. Just because it’s Apple and it sounds sexy. As a result, because of the way the ebook is distributed, it also came out of the blurb on Barnes and Noble, WHSmith and all the other good online bookshops. So, having woken up in the middle of the night after one of those anxiety dreams where the duvet is a starving python and you are trapped in a hot dog roll under a pile of friend onions (the pillow), I decided to include some Words of Advice for New Readers.

Sweet dreams Apple folk, sweet dreams.