An imminent arrival, no bursting

by SJ Griffin

You may remember, regular reader, a little while ago I said that The Perfectionist – representing the third and therefore final part of the Vanguard Trilogy – would be out in January. I said it aloud and in many places.

You will have noticed two things:

1. It’s April

2. There’s no book

Oh dear.

I think I underestimated how draining it is churning through the last part of a trilogy. That’s about 400,000 words after that first exhilarating encounter with the original idea, after that suspicious sneaks up on you that you might have caught onto something that will have the legs to keep going for three books. All those words. The last 10,000? Hard. Like the end of a great meal in a fabulous restaurant when you’re down to the last three spoonfuls of desert and you realise that you’ve eaten too much and you don’t really have a separate pudding stomach. It’s all the same stomach and it’s full, more than full.

I didn’t burst, hence I am able to write this now, but I did allow several deadlines to flash past unfettered by achievement or accomplishment. The last one however did stick and I am delighted to announce that the manuscript is coming back from the proofreader next week and a huge amount of hard work will then be done to get the book out by the end of April. Or as it is more commonly know the first week in May.

And that’s what I want us to focus on. I want us to look forwards with hope, not back with recriminations and regret. Together. You and me, regular reader. And now you should go because that’s just about enough time to re read the last bit of The Replacement and remember what happened. Because, you know me, they’ll be no recapping.