A Difficult Relationship

by SJ Griffin

I haven’t posted here for ages. I don’t know why I’m telling you that, you know. Indeed I don’t know why I’m telling me that as I know as well. I well know it as well believe me. There have been recriminations let me assure you. Tears even. Not really, a wobbly bottom lip perhaps. Enough of this, on with the post.

I think we ought to take this time talk about our difficult relationship. I am here addressing not you, gentle reader, but the first draft of the boldly titled The Perfectionist. If ever a book title was a gift to a disappointed and angry reviewer, it’s that one. Anyway we can change that, it’s a small concern. Like throwing socks at the laundry basket, missing and just leaving them there for weeks. No, first draft, we are not here to talk about your annoying habits but our collapsing relationship. What we really need to talk about is rekindling some of the old magic we had.

Remember the halcyon days when we were working on The Vanguard and we would skip along hand in hand, you an excitable first draft then a shy, skittish second draft? And me all uncertain but keen, so keen, to make it work? Making it all up as I went along, ignoring naysayers and the people who said we wouldn’t last. Then you were complete and there was such a moment of pride and amazement – and some other feelings there aren’t words for – it was life changing. It was. Then we embarked on The Replacement. Heady with a sense of achievement, desperate to prove it wasn’t a fluke. And we did it, didn’t we? High times, big fun. The glamour, the attention all part of the fun of us being together. Remember that?

Because I’m not sure you do. All this kicking, first draft of The Perfectionist, kicking your heels and my butt. Like a mule you must be stubbornly hauled through chapter three, four and now five. Yes, we need to talk about our difficult relationship because we are stuck with each other, you and me, until you have grown from a first draft to a second, third, fourth. And so on until we arrive at that weird place where you are a final draft for about three drafts because I can’t let go. That’s what’s going to happen here because we made a commitment to each other to finish this thing and I will not give up on us. We will finish this thing like we are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I’ll be Taylor I think.

Now, first draft, let’s me and you go and spend some quality time together. I’ll even let you buy me a coffee.