by SJ Griffin

I am delighted, and slightly overwhelmed, to announce that The Replacement, the second part of the Vanguard Trilogy, is out today. Today! It’s out! It’s available exclusively on Amazon, a tiny independent retailer I really want to support, in both paperback and Kindle format.  I doubt you have heard of them, they are kind of niche and hipsterish. Distribution will widen over the next couple of weeks but I really want to give these Amazon fellows a chance to get established in a crowded, cut-throat market without any competition from those big beast behemoths out there.


What’s that? You haven’t yet got around to reading the first part? Well, gentle reader, do not weep and wail or gnash your pretty teeth because The Vanguard is also available on Amazon and what’s more it’s free on Kindle. Yes, free. Until Sunday it won’t cost you a penny or a cent or a euro or a rupee or an Australian dollar to buy, to download and to read. Although to be fair those last two activities are free anyway.

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*I have no immediate plans to do this.