Further reading

by SJ Griffin

I have been super-busy. That means I’ve been very busy but I’ve been wearing a funny costume with a cape. I’m trying to finish the final draft of The Replacement. Well, I’m not trying to, I am finishing it. And I’m doing some social media…um…stuff. And some promotional…stuff too. Here, I summarise for you:

You can follow me on twitter, I’m @squintarium

You can like my Facebook page, where these posts also appear in a handy all in one place kind of a way.

You can read a review of The Vanguard by the good folk at The Book Bag. They wear capes.

You can find out more about the book and maybe even go so far as to buy your very own copy on Amazon. Cape not included, sorry.

There’s also an interview coming up (with me!) and a competition to win a signed copy of The Vanguard but I can’t tell you about that because it hasn’t happened yet.

That is all. Thank you.