Test reading, idle hands and Amazon author pages

by SJ Griffin

So, The Replacement is out being read. By an actual human being and everything.  This is quite exciting in the way that being Joseph in the nativity play is exciting until you realise that you are a girl and have things to say that are cued by the kid that smells like wee who won’t have learnt any of their lines.

There’s a lovely blank feeling that descends. A feeling that I have done all I can for the moment, of it being out of my hands. The characters no longer mutter in the back of my head while I am watching Kristin Scott Thomas movies to practice my French (honestly). I am not plagued by ideas while walking to the tube station, which means I no longer have to stop and type furiously and inaccurately into my phone for fear of forgetting something wonderful that will later turn out to be terrible.

Although there is the converse feeling of blind panic, of wanting to run to get the book back, rip it from studious, considerate hands all apoplectic wailing and frantic apologies. It’s the shame, you see, the room too bright for blind faith all of a sudden.  This is more of an occasional, middle of the night panic though. Nothing that can’t be placated with green tea and black bean chocolate cake (don’t ask).

In the meantime, to keep myself out of mischief I have finally got round to sorting out my Amazon Author page. The devil makes work for idle hands.

You can probably testify to the truth of that statement here.