Plagued by semi-productive distractions and Major Kusanagi

by SJ Griffin

So, rather typically, after writing about how the one thing I did that helped me start and then finish a novel was to stop writing short stories I am using the medium of short story to prevent me from starting the sequel.

Wait, that’s unfair.

I’m working on two short stories that I’m going to publish by the start of November. I love a deadline*. I started them while I was doing the more administrative bits of making The Vanguard available, just so I had some writing to occupy me.  ‘Cause I don’t know about you, but me? I gotta write, gotta write. I didn’t feel ready to launch into The Replacements (sneak preview alert, this is the new title of the sequel) and then an idea fell into my head while I was running. This is unusual. Usually the ideas I have while running are to do with what hurts, how much I like cake and why I should stop running, but on this occasion I had an idea for a story.

I have lots of ideas and most of them are terrible. Some people like to write all their ideas down, I like to wait and see if I remember my ideas and then I write them down. Then if I still remember them, still like them and they grow a little I work with them. It’s like starting a relationship. It’s important to know who are the losers and who are the people that appreciate the finer things in life. Like macaroni cheese, red sweets (never green) and Mother Love Bone’s Apple album.

Then I had an idea for another story. I think this one arrived when I was on the tube. I can’t recall. I don’t remember where I conceived them all. They aren’t like David Beckham’s children or anything.

There is an interesting frustration building at the moment. A tension. I’m writing the second story now, having finished a few drafts of the other one I’m leaving it to marinate. Marinating is very important – we’ll come back to this later. On one hand I want to finish the story because I like it, but on the other I want to dump the story and write the book. Because writing a book is immense fun and writing a short story is a bit like doing something you think will be fun but then is over too quickly. Like going on the Emirates Air Line.

Predictably, I’m achieving little but I have almost finished the DVD boxset of the second series of Ghost in the Shell.

*This is a lie. It’s not even sarcasm. It’s just a lie.