Superman and Wonder Woman up a tree

by SJ Griffin

This was a good one for a newcomer to the comic world. I suspected it would be controversial but I didn’t know why.

Superman and Wonder Woman

Look at that. Wonder Woman has ensnared Superman in her Lasso of Truth. Now, id there’s another superhero weapon that I would get tired of more quickly than a Lasso of Truth I can’t think what it is. Slippers of Stealth maybe. Pantyliners of poetry. I dunno. Lasso of Truth. Not even alliterative.
Anyway back to the romance. I asked around. My new comic buddies responded to this news with a resounding ‘meh’. It seems DC have rebooted this so many times that no one cares. They’ve also done it before with these two.

Their only major concern is that it breaks all the rules of superhero relationship hierarchy. Apparently, you can’t have two people of the same hierarchy getting together. This is why Spiderman had Mary-Jane, pre-reboot Superman had Lois Lane, Northstar has Kyle and Batman has, well, quite a list now. The issue here is that if Superman and Wonder Woman are not of the same status then who is superior. If it’s the fella then that’s boring and if it’s Wonder Woman what’s so super about Superman. Despite having the best powers he, to my mind, not as cool as Batman or Spiderman. And Batman doesn’t even have any powers. He just has a lot of money. Poor Superman. Maybe Henry Cavill can save him.