What is this blog about?

by SJ Griffin

I asked myself that question, so in a way I’m cheating. It’s such a good place to start though. This blog is about my experiences writing the Vanguard Trilogy – a science fiction extravaganza about Sorcha Blades and her four friends and… I’ll have to stop there. I don’t want to spoil anything. This blog is partly a tool to keep me writing, you’ll probably learn I have a tendency toward stopping, and partly an anchor for the books in the very busy shipping lane that is science fiction, publishing, the 21st century and anything else that might get thrown up a storm.  And partly (you see it’s a trilogy so it needs three partlys) it’s a place where I can make a note of anything that I’ve learnt that might be useful for other people. Everyone needs to make your own mistakes in life but I think that if you can avoid making the ones I’ve made you’ll make some really good ones of your own – really important ones that will make all the difference.

Mostly content here will fall into four categories. I tried to continue the three thing here but I couldn’t , sorry.

Writing process: anything to do with writing and editing from the very first kernel of an idea to the final, final, final draft.

Publishing: nuts and bolts from the coal face or as I like to call it, the hard bit. Amazon, agents, all that.

Themes: All work and no play makes SJ a dull person, but I realised how much of the stuff I’m into has made it into the story, like cycling, comics and graphic novels, superheroes. Anything categorized as theme is general stuff that I’m up to or I’m thinking about so it may feel random but it will always be relevant to the trilogy. I mostly promise that.

FAQs: These are posts that answer a question. If you have a question you can ask it like this. Otherwise they are questions I ask myself or people I know ask me in the actual world.

In many ways I’ve started this blog too late. I’ve already finished the first book. But this was always a three book project with an ambitious three year plan. The idea of this plan is to leave me in the best shape possible, in every way possible, for my fourth book. And by ambitious I might mean foolish.

This blog is not about the hard sell. I’m not out to be the next big thing. In my experience the next big thing is always subject to the next big backlash and besides, I’d rather be a writer. A paperback writer or an e-book writer. It’s all the same to me.